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Titanium Internally Threaded Labret Bar

ASTM F136 Titanium internally threaded labret bar

Titanium Internally Threaded Labret Bar

1.2*4+4mm | 1.2*5mm(3mm) | 1.2*5+4mm | 1.2*6+2.5mm | 1.2*6+3mm | 1.2*6+4mm | 1.2*7+2.5mm | 1.2*7+3mm | 1.2*7+4mm | 1.2*8+3mm | 1.2*8+4mm | 1.2*9+3mm | 1.2*9+4mm | 1.2*10+2.5mm | 1.2*10+3mm | 1.2*10+4mm | 1.2*11+3mm | 1.2*12+3mm | 1.2*12+4mm | 1.2*13+3mm | 1.2*14+3mm | 1.2*16+3mm | 1.0*5+2.5mm | 1.0*6+3mm | 1.0*7+2.5mm | 1.0*7+3mm | 1.0*8+3mm | 1.0*9+2.5mm | 1.0*9+3mm M0.8mm

Colour: Titanium
Stone Colour: N/A


1.2*4+4mm, 1.2*5mm(3mm), 1.2*5+4mm, 1.2*6+2.5mm, 1.2*6+3mm, 1.2*6+4mm, 1.2*7+2.5mm, 1.2*7+3mm, 1.2*7+4mm, 1.2*8+3mm, 1.2*8+4mm, 1.2*9+3mm, 1.2*9+4mm, 1.2*10+2.5mm, 1.2*10+3mm, 1.2*10+4mm, 1.2*11+3mm, 1.2*12+3mm, 1.2*12+4mm, 1.2*13+3mm, 1.2*14+3mm, 1.2*16+3mm, 1.0*5+2.5mm, 1.0*6+3mm, 1.0*7+2.5mm, 1.0*7+3mm, 1.0*8+3mm, 1.0*9+2.5mm, 1.0*9+3mm M0.8mm


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