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Triple Gem Clicker Ring

Ti-6AL4V-ELi ASTM F136 Titanium+CZ stone(clear colour)

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Introducing the Triple Gem Clicker Ring – a dazzling masterpiece that will take your jewellery collection to a whole new level of brilliance. This exquisite clicker ring features three mesmerizing gemstones, perfectly arranged to captivate hearts and inspire awe.

Glistening with radiant beauty, each gemstone is carefully selected to ensure a harmonious blend of colours that will sparkle with every movement. The brilliance of the stones is enhanced by expert craftsmanship, creating an enchanting piece that is bound to turn heads and draw compliments.

Embrace the seamless clicking experience with our precision-engineered hinge system. Fasten the Triple Gem Clicker Ring with ease and comfort, knowing it will securely hold its place, so you can enjoy its beauty without any worries.

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Size: 1.2 x 10mm

Colour: Titanium
Stone Colour: Clear


1.2*8mm, 1.2*10mm


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